Do all the things


The most hilarious graffiti of all time.

It finally happened. Jen​ and I made it to Toronto! It was an amazing best friend trip. We ate vegan poutine, made Drake references and earned 30,000 steps on our Fitbits. Jen and I crammed an incredible amount of awesome into two nights and three days. So much awesome that we made it into a list.Go to Canada and be Awesome check list (or all the ridiculously awesome and Canadian things we managed to do in one weekend):


Make Canadian friends who are loud, hilarious and amused by our antics

  • Eat a classic Canadian dish, with a vegan twist – poutine.
  • Visit Jurassic Park and watch a Raptors game with a bunch of Canadians outside of a stadium
  • Walk 12 miles (19.3 kilometers) in shoes not meant for long distance walks
  • Visit an art museum and be impressed by tiny ships and giant Elvis paintings
  • Buy Canadian yarn from a cute shop called Romni Wool
  • Sing Drake songs. All the Drake songs.
  • Visit the Distillery District
  • Visit China Town
  • Look for a missing chicken #whereswallce


– Experience Toronto cuisine like a local
– Use Canadian ATM
– Socialize with Canadian hipsters
– Be invited to use a stranger’s personal bathroom
– Drink Canadian beer
– Sleep poorly in an apartment above a tequila bar
– Visit Canadian art fair
– Have amazing pour over coffee at Crafted
– Visit Canadian dog park
– Get searched at the border
– Investigate why people were sitting in a park in the afternoon and just talking to one another. #phonefacedown
– Knit in a pub


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