WIP Updates

In Your Dreams

I’m pretty sure I am the most tired person in the world right now. Yes. That’s a real thing and you can’t convince me that it’s not. I feel like I’m about to fall asleep on my keyboard right now. On my lunch break. At noon. -_-

Most nights, I settle in around 7pm or 8pm, making myself comfortable on our big squishy couch with my little wiener dogs, my latest knitting project, my love, and a good TV show…. and in about an hour I’m watching the TV show play out on the back of my eye lids. It’s just how I roll. I wake up early with lots of energy (yes, I am the dreaded morning person) and I’m out like a light before 10pm every evening.

Last night however, I was determined to get a project done and so I stayed up until 2 in the morning finishing a District 12 Cowl for a young woman in South Carolina. I probably would not have done that if this wasn’t my second attempt on the project. The first was much too large for her. So I ended deconstructing it and making it smaller.. It’s taken us a while to get to this point, but I’m hoping she will love it.

And I’ve learned a very valuable lesson…. No more all nighters for me.

Penny knows what’s up. Sleep little puppers, sleep.

❤ Theresa

Craft Markets

Detroit Urban Craft Fair

Guess who was accepted into the Detroit Handmade show for a second year?! That’s right – Purl You Crazy! Jen and I will be back and even more excited than ever. This is one of our favorite shows to attend and to vend. If you’ve never been to the Detroit Urban Craft Fair… GET YOUR LIFE TOGETHER! You need to go. It’s an amazing show at the Masonic Temple in Detroit full of straight up bad ass makers and artists. ❤


Finished Projects, WIP Updates

Lightweight District 12

The original District 12 is definitely NOT lightweight. I love it, but yeah… not lightweight. lol

I love a challenge, so when I was approached about creating a lightweight version of the very cozy WOOL sweater cowl, the District 12, I thought sure! I can do that. Why not?

So I grabbed my trusty pattern that I purchased several years ago. There are no instructions on how to alter the pattern AND my pattern is so old that I can no longer find it online. So I was on my own if I wanted to adjust it. It seemed like it might be easy to adjust the size by simply using a different type of yarn and adding a few stitches to adjust for the gauge.

I got about half way through my pattern and it looked like everything was going my way. The herringbone stitch was turning out beautifully, the customer loved the grey hues of the yarn, the yarn was soft and breathable. It was looking good and I was pretty damn proud of myself.

Looking good!

BUT THEN… I got into the home stretch and realized my beautiful masterpiece that I was so proud of was turning out a larger than I anticipated. No problem. I’ll just decrease more often, right?


The cowl still seemed to turn out rather large, I thought. I don’t want this cowl to hang off the customer – all frumpy like. I want it to sit nicely on her, just like the original. Maybe I’m just being too hard on myself? Maybe this lightweight version is going to be perfect for her. Maybe the largeness will make it more cozy. What do you think? Does it look frumpy or perfect?

Either way, it was a good lesson in making alterations to projects.