Real World

Creature Comforts During the COVID Era

Times are so crazy right now. I’m incredibly grateful for my health and safety right now! My family and friends have all been healthy and safe at home during this Covid era. And I couldn’t be more thankful.

Trying to keep myself busy over the last several months has been a challenge. I think we’re all discovering how much a health pandemic will mess with our minds. I’ve been dyeing yarn, learning to crochet, learning to garden, working on my house and playing with my dog. 🐶

I crocheted a bunch of towels in order to get some practice in for a bigger project that I’m working on. Butttttt somehow I still managed to crochet a shawl I’m working on into a triangle instead of a rectangle. 😂 Oops!

Another fun thing I’ve been able to do has been dyeing yarn with stuff growing in my yard! I was able to dye with mulberries this summer and coming up this week, I’ll be dyeing with pokeberries. Yay!

See you all soon — I hope! 🧡